What do you need to develop ADUC User property page extension

Today I was trying to get create and get working, a new tab for the User class in ADUC property pages. Last time I did it, it was complicated and did not support .NET (at least not without Marshalling and going through the loops of fire 😉 ). Touday I found out that there is MMC 3.0 and finally there is a support for .NET in property pages. I have decided to write everything down so next time will do it I won’t have to google everthing all over again 🙂 .

First donwload and install (beside usual dev environment stuff):


  1. Copy sample ExtensionToPropertySheetSample from dafault location c:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsv6.0SamplesSysMgmtMMC3.0,
  2. Open the solution
  3. Build it, se it fail
  4. Change missing reference to Microsoft.ManagementConsole to default location in c:WINDOWSSystem32.
  5. Build it.
  6. Install it through installutil.
  7. Run compmgmt.msc
  8. See new property page on the root node of the computer management tree 🙂

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