A9 = disapointment

I have been a happy user of a9 service. I thought that keeping my book marks on the Internet is a very useful thing. I could keep a one set of bookmarks whenever computer I have used (work, home, friend’s), and I did use Google search ;).

When A9 switched to Windows Live for web searching I thought I’d like Google, but I still have my bookmarks… a few days ago A9 have taken offline a bookmark service. Those people (like me) using A9 toolbar, did not knew I was gone until, at some point, an authentication was required…

Know I have a feeling of disappointment, a bunch of well organized bookmarks and no one place to go. Importing them on every computer I use is not what I want. It’s good that google bookmarks have a 3’rd party plug-in to Firefox, so I’ll use it for now on.

A9 sucks!

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