Bindable control property – The server tag is not well formed

When I was doing my first ASP.NET I spend a lot of time looking for clue why statement like this one:


… did not work, and caused an „all telling” exception:

System.Web.HttpException: The server tag is not well formed.

… Oh, that’s new. Of course it’s not well formed it contains server side code multiple „, < and > characters.

A that time I thought that .NET framework is smart enough to parse this file in some kind of stages, eg. first server side <% %> tags, then everything else. I was wrong. After I stopped telling myself: It should work just the way it is!, I have stared to poke around, and came with:


Obvious, isn’t it?

Then a few minutes after that I hit the wall with statement like:


It did not rendered correctly, ignoring the binding expression. This time, It took much less time: Oh, this modern smart frameworks… solution to this must be similarly obvious, simple and #$%#$… let’s try that:


I learned this lesson a few times, each time it took me less time to do so, and now I remember ;). Still I have to:

  • write double ” „
  • fail… Doh! I did it again. I really have to learn to put these quotes right the first time!

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