Sharepoint 2007 Wiki – Dumb Microsoft way

They did it again. Their f***ing way.

All those happy people on pictures on Office site? I’m definitely NOT one of them, I’m more into breaking stuff at this point…

I am trying to set up SharePoint site where I would like to migrate my company Wiki. I thought i would be easy and I get to integrate Wiki into corporate intranet portal. Wishful thinking.

First bump was to use Firefox for page editing. When you edit Wiki page on SharePoint it suppose to show you the WYSIWYG toolbar (which I did not know), but Firefox did not do that… i though: Right, it IS wiki so you format text by using WIKI syntax.. So I copy-paste one one my old wiki pages, save… What the hell?

I did poke around, help – no pointers, office site – dump search , dump results. Switch to IE, WYSIWYG toolbar showed up… Oh I see, so this was missing?!

They did it again. Their f***ing way. You think you’ll get Wiki you’re used to on SharePoint ? Forget it. All you’ll get is happy page creating by standard [[ ]] bracket syntax, that’s all form wiki syntax you know folks!

Now try to migrate your existing Wiki site to SharePoint, easy? Of course, all you’ll have to do is edit all your pages by the WYSIWYG editor! F**k you MS.

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