Vista sucks…

… or maybe it rock’s, I wouldn’t know cause the Installer gave me the finger.

I am happy with my XPSP2, but wanted to checkout Vista and see if it’s worth the migration effort. I have a spare 12GB primary partition for an extra OS, just in case if I need one for development or software testing, so I decided to install Vista there and give it a try.

Installer gave me the finger on partition selection screen, telling me that I need extra 1,3GB of free space on empty 12GB partition!

There are two options:

  1. Installer have to be installed on the bootable partition and can not or does not what to live side by side XPSP2.
  2. Vista really needs 13,5GB of space to install, what next? 50GB Office? No thank you 🙁

I think option number one is more probable (no. two is insane), but either way Vista waits until I have more spare time to waist. For now it definitely sucks…

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