MSOffice 2007 / MSVisio 2007 / MS Project instalation from GPO

Previous version of MS Office could be installed with a ZAP file with given values for for MSI installation package parameters. With 2007 edition you have to use a Office Customization Tool, run from setup.exe:

setup.exe /admin

Unfortunately your have to have OCT files in the product installation folder 🙁 . MS Visio 2007 professional does not have it. A quick workaround was to copy Admin directory form MS Office Professional Plus 2007 installation.

After you customize your installation you have to create a ZAP file with setup command and a given MSP file as parameter. Here’s an example file:

FriendlyName = "Project Professional 2007"
SetupCommand = "\\fileserver\install\PROJECTPRO2007\setup.exe" /adminfile \\fileserver\install\PROJECTPRO2007\project2007setup.MSP

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