Word knows better! Arrrrghh!!!

Ever since i started using Word I always have the feeling that I can’t do things the way I want, Word knew better and always corrected me.

Over the years I learned to fool Word to think that it is in control, learned to do things that way that Word would approve and the effect was still somewhat close to what I want. Some people cay say that I have learned to use Word the proper way. I still think that there was nothing wrong with the way I wanted to work with Word, at least any documentation did not say that those „Word knowing better” corrections would happen.

Some times I just know what to expect and my work is almost painless. But there are few things that drive me mad, really… really mad. Similarly to the stages of dying, there are:

  1. Denial – first I look through help, try to Google some answers, finding none.
  2. Anger – cruse, throw things, not willing to accept things Word want them to be done
  3. Depression – (dealing with it now, writing this post) realize that I can do nothing to change Word
  4. Acceptance – finally accepting that I have to jump through „hoops in fire” to get the result I want, hoping that Word will not change it’s mind.

Word is a God like entity, I’m no longer sure who operates and who is operated 🙁

PS. I still have hope that there is a way for my Word 2007 to publish documents in PDF without recalculating document’s table of contents, this way track changes would not show (not present) changes in the resulting PDF table of contents. Can U save me?

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