Windows Vista digital and analog output at the same time

I thought i have a very simple setup, a home theater system connected to my computer through a optical cable to a digital SPDIF output, and headphones connected to my back analog output. Simple, when I play games I use headphones with home theater system turned off, when I watch something or play music I ignore headphones and listen to the home theater system.

That was the idea until almighty Windows Vista came and gave me the finger, now every time I want to choose an output I have to go through very annoying, simple but annoying, procedure of choosing „the default output”.

Did I mention it that I can’t change it while a program already started? If I forget to set „the default output” and just start the game… I have to close it, got through a stupid procedure, and start it again. It takes time, it is VERY annoying.

My setup worked perfectly fine in Windows XP, so all those „can’t use digital and analog at the same time” explanations are just lame, hardware can do it, the older system could, Vista also can 😉 just need a little persuasion and help from Realtek guys (Thank you guys!)

So the trick is to place rtkhdaud.dat in the C:WindowsSystem32drivers, this file enables both digital and analog output at the same time, no more „choose the default output” lame crap.

Thanks to Vigil and his effort to contact Realtek support, if you look for solutions to other chipset that Realtek look here.

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