Quickly create Python virtual environemts

I love PEW! I also use VEX, but I am sometimes confused by it’s cli, I prefer PEW for it’s unambiguous environment management and —˛what’s the key reason — linking virtual environment with project folder. I tried to use PipEnv, but I do not like it’s policy to put hashes on virtual environment name — these looks ugly in prompt 😛

TIP: Use PIPX to install any of those tools.

Here is how I like to start a new virtual environment and connect it with the current folder:

pew new -p python3 -a (pwd) (pwd | xargs basename)

TIP: I use FISH shell so prefix any braces with $ if you have BASH

It’s an equivalent of:

pew new -p python3 -a /data/work/teatr-wielki/hercules hercules

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