How to do cookie preferences right

Nobody likes those popups, most of us want’s them go as away quickly as possible. If there is thinking required or you need browse through a lot of possibile settings – it’s a bad UX.

Good examples

Good examples are ones that don not require any action to disable data collection. You can’t go wrong with the details here.

Velux is also a good example with minor remark that they highlight and therefore suggest that you should click „Accept all cookies”, but the other one „Accept a selection” is close enough and they do not require users to deselect everything — by default only required cookies are selected. has the same minor UX problem with 2 green and 1 black button it’s not exactly pointing out the most preferable button – from the user perspective ofc 😉

Close but still bad

It’s hard to do what’t right cause it’s not what business wants. Enforcing GDPR purpose limitation principle is still hard.

It is still generally acceptable to trick user into accepting defaults that will collect more data that is required at the moment. I did not yet see solution that would not trick you to accept functional cookies upfront, disable them by default and then give you the option to change you mind when you request an extra functionality.


Not cookie consent but same UX flow. Here the wording should be split to clearly indicate that you don’t need to check any boxes for your contact request to be processed.

Poprzez kliknięcie przycisku „POTWIERDŹ” wyrażasz zgodę na przetwarzanie Twoich danych osobowych w celu realizacji zapytania.

Możesz dodatkowo wyrazić zgodę na:

Really bad ones

The bad ones give you no control, or even discourage you from using you browser settings because their site would not work — how is is my problem 😛

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